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About Pars Firozeh Khorasan 22

-From 1342, the initial activity as Nakhodi brothers started in a small nut cooking workshop in Neishabour city and gradually developed. In 1979, after gaining the necessary experiences and skills, the workshop became a factory and became the current location located at 2 km. Mashhad road was moved. In this place, first with 50 personnel, the production of nuts and dried fruits began. 

- In 1984 and 1985, due to currency problems and the disagreement of the Ministry of Industry to import automatic
 packaging machines, managers were forced to pack nuts and nuts without having the necessary technical drawings
 and parts, on their own. Exemplify the external packaging machine, which has achieved significant success.
- This unit was transformed into a legal entity by the efforts of other members in 1987 and was registered in
 the Neishabour Registration Office under the name of Binalood Food Industries Company (Private Joint Stock Company).

- In 1988, for the first time in the country and even in the Middle East, on the initiative of this company,
 the spark and production of sweet wheat production started in bulk, which was in line with the use and
 support of the country's agricultural facilities. This product was registered under the brand name And with
 mass production, it was offered to the domestic and foreign markets, which was welcomed by consumers from the very beginning.

- In 1989, after the success of launching the new Shirin Gandmak lines, the company pursued the production
 of salt puff products, which was registered under the brand name of Salt Excuse and was added to the products of the factory.

In the next development plan and increase in the diversity of its products, in 1991, with proper planning, the license for

the development and production plan of biscuits, wafers, cakes, cookies and toffees was obtained. Buy balloons and add to products.

- From 1995 to 2003, the company's personnel were promoted to about 1,000 people and the company's representative

offices throughout Iran and neighboring countries were active and the company's media advertisements were widely distributed and advertised.

- In 2005, Binalood Food Industries Company changed its nature to two companies with independent legal personality. Pars Firoozeh Khorasan Company is currently in a land area of ​​31000 square meters and 16000 square meters of infrastructure with the production of products such as Shirin Gandmak, Sabhaneh series, and Pop. Chocolate cranes with the brand name "Sparks" and various types of popcorn, salt puffs and steaks with the brand name "Bahaneh" are still active.



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